paid account mode

Brooke and I have been thinking of getting a paid account for trendycouture only because it's such a successful community and we want it to grow even more and I guess paid accounts kind of give you that boost if you really look at all of the other graphics communities.

We're not asking "OmG giVE uS $$ nOw". No way, we're not like that. But if somebody could even purchase 2 months of a paid account, we'd be so greatful. But even if we don't get it, it's totally fine, we won't complain and abandon trendycouture. The truth is, we're in love with this place we'd never leave it or leave out our members! We simply want it to grow and that's why we're considering getting a paid account.

I've decided if anyone is willing to even give us a paid account, I'll make you a header/banner, an icon to match and a friends only banner to match. Coolness, have a good one :)

Side note: Keep commenting! I'm still counting comments and tallying everyone up. My next post I'll let 5 more people request from me. Bye!

PS. if you're offended by this please let me know and i'll take it down immediately.